Return and Refund Policy Page


  1. Returns
  • General

1.1        The terms on returns set out herewith constitutes Azutech Sdn Bhd’s (“Company”) general policy on returns which are applicable when carrying out a return for any product purchased, regardless of product type (“General Return Policy”). Further terms as to the return policy applicable to specific products and purchases will be made known to the Purchaser prior to or at the point of purchase (“Individual Return Policy). The following terms are applicable only to products that are purchased directly from the Company’s online store ( (“Website”) by the Purchaser. All products returned must meet the terms herewith in order for the return policy to apply.

1.2        Purchasers may return new, unopened and unused products within 14 days of delivery. Products that were received by and had been in the possession of the Purchaser for a period longer than 14 days from the date of delivery will not be able to be returned for a refund or exchange. To qualify for being returned, products must be in their original condition (including packaging) as at the point of delivery and as received by the Purchaser. It must be in a commercially resalable condition.

1.3        Returns will require a receipt or proof of purchase.

1.4        The products that are unopened and that are in their original retail packaging, and which meets the requirements set out above may be returned in accordance with the General Return Policy regardless of any Individual Return Policy applicable.

1.5        Products to be returned by a Purchaser, having met the requirements provided for, will require a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number. Purchasers may obtain a RMA number by contacting the Company’s online store customer services by way of the contact options provided for on the Company’s Website [Customer Care Page]

1.6        Upon meeting the terms and conditions for returns set out herewith, Purchaser’s will be entitled to a full refund for the purchase price of the product. However, the cost of shipping will only be refunded in circumstances where the cause for the Purchaser’s return of the product is due to an error or omission of the Company (i.e. delivery of an incorrect product). What is classified as an error or omission by the Company which qualifies for a refund of the cost of shipping shall be determined by the Company at their sole discretion. The Company reserves the right to exercise this discretion in accepting a return and when providing a refund. Further details as to refunds can be found below (see “Refunds”).

1.7        In the event that a product is found to have a manufacturer defect within 30 days of purchase date, the Company undertakes to rectify and repair the product unit without charge and provide a free return label. Under such circumstances, Purchasers are entitled to return the product without further cost and conditions, except to the extent as provided for under the terms of warranty (see “Warranty” below and Company’s Warranty here).

1.8        In the event where a product received by the Purchaser is damaged or is in a non-functional condition upon its delivery to the Purchaser (also known as “Dead on Arrival”) and is returned within 7 days therefrom utilising the same courier service/carrier which deliver the product to the Purchaser, the Company undertakes to cover any cost or charges for said return. After this period, the cost of return for any products shall be borne by and will be liable to the Purchaser.

1.9        Purchasers returning a product for refund or exchange under Clause 1.2, for reasons and causes not the fault of or under the liability of the Company or products which are Dead on Arrival after the 7 day period stated in Clause 1.8 above, will have the option of purchasing insurance coverage for the sending and/or returning of products from the Purchaser. For such returns, the Company does not undertake to cover the cost for the Carrier’s services, provide any insurance coverage for the product and will be not be liable for any damages to the product.

1.10      Restocking Fees – the Company does not charge a restocking fee for returns made under certain and conditional circumstances. This includes the return of defective products; return of the wrong product delivered; the product delivered does not match the description given at the point of purchase; or if there some other error with the goods for delivery method that is not the fault of the Purchaser. In such cases, Purchasers will be provided with a prepaid return label at no charge. Returns made along with a claim for refund that are received in, but not limited to, the following conditions may incur a restocking fee or be rejected: (1) Any product that exhibits physical damage; or (2) Any product which appears or is found to be tampered, customised or altered in any way.

1.11      Products which are returned and received by the Company in certain conditions as set out are not eligible for returns and may be rejected at the discretion of the Company. These conditions includes, but are not limited to: (1) Any product not purchased from the Website; (2) Any product that does not exhibit the described and provided for reasons and conditions for return (i.e. a return made on the basis that it was defective upon arrival that powers on and is functional upon inspection); (3) Any product with missing, damaged, altered, or otherwise unreadable serial number label, manufacturer model or part number label, and/or warranty label; or (4) Any product that is returned without all original packaging and accessories, including the retail box, manuals, cables, and all other items originally included with the product.

  • Products Damaged in Transit

1.12      All products purchased from the Website are sent in brand new condition and where applicable, in original factory packaging. The Company undertakes that products offered for sale to Purchasers via the online store shall be in such a condition as described notwithstanding the qualifications and exceptions provided herewith. Products purchased, prior to leaving the possession of the Company, are inspected for damage before they are collected by the assigned Third Party delivery services provider (“Carrier”).

1.13      Purchasers who receive products that are damaged are asked to read and consult the Company’s “Shipping Problem” article for instructions and guidelines on how to resolve the issue. Such a process is not considered a return.

1.14      Before the Company is able to accept returns for products returned due to damage caused during transit and delivery to the Purchaser, the damage has to be duly reported, inspected and verified by the Carrier. In the event that Purchasers are able to observe damage caused during transit which is explicitly evident upon receiving the product at the point of delivery, Purchasers are to thoroughly inspect the product delivered and to ensure that they notify and inform the Carrier of such damage. Purchasers are required to also ensure that the Carrier acknowledges the Purchasers notice and complaint of damage upon delivery prior to taking possession of the product. In the event that such an acknowledgment of notice is not made or given by the Carrier, the Purchaser is hereby notified to refuse acceptance of the product and delivery.

1.15      In the event that the Purchaser was unable to carry out such an inspection and was unable to provide such notice to the Carrier, prior to having received it and having the product placed into their possession, Purchasers are hereby instructed to: (1) retain and preserve all the packaging materials provided upon delivery; (2) contact and inform the Carrier of such damage and complaint; and (3) contact the Company (via email) as soon as possible and to initiate a complaint and claims procedure. This process must be initiated and complied with within 3 days of delivery and receiving the product in order to make a valid claim for products damaged during transit and delivery.

1.16      Where the product damage is replaceable/rectifiable to a condition and standard effectively equivalent to that of a new product as it would be upon delivery without damage, the Company expresses its preference to repair, replace or rectify such damage complaint off, without charge.

  • Products that are Defective but not Damaged

1.17      The following terms apply to products that are found to be defective in its function which, upon initial observation, such defects appears to have originated from the point of manufacture and not from damage incurred at any time after the point of manufacture.

1.18      It is the Company’s standard practice that, subject to excepted circumstances, products are shipped and delivered directly from the manufacturer and in such cases defective claims are resolved by the manufacturer. This may involve a Technical Support Representative carrying troubleshooting processes and procedures on the product in order to determine if the issues complained and notified of by the Purchaser in accordance to the terms set out under this Policy, is a result of a defective part or damage to the product resulting from the initial delivery process and was not caused by any act, abuse, neglect or failure to follow instructions by the Purchaser.

1.19      In such a case that the Technical Support Representative does confirm the above to be the case, further technical support and replacement parts and repairs will be provided to resolve the problem without charge.

1.20      In circumstances where; (1) the product is deemed by the Technical Support Representative as being incapable of repair by the Technical Support Team and; (2) where the product is confirmed to be unused, the Company shall accept returns on an exchange basis only.

1.21      All products returned by the Purchaser and received by the Company that is in a defective condition as described must be reported with 7 business days and returned within 14 days of receipt. The product must also be in its original factory packaging as received by the Purchaser at the point of delivery and must be in the same re-sellable condition as originally received.

1.22      In all returns and exchanges carried out by the Purchaser, the Purchaser shall be responsible for all shipping and handling costs resulting from such. Any returns without an RMA number shall be subject to a 20% restocking fee for unused items and a 50% restocking fee for used items.

1.23      Purchasers are hereby notified that manufacturers reserve the rights to modify products according to the latest technical standards and without notification to the Company or Purchasers. As it is the case that the manufacturer may not accept returns based on such changes, Purchasers are hereby requested to, in the event that they have any questions or queries related to a specific feature of a product sold via the Website, to kindly contact the Company before placing an order for purchase.


  1. Exchange Policy


2.1        Upon submission for an exchange by request as provided for above, the Company shall process such requests within 48 hours.

2.2        The Company reserves the right to request further and additional information from Purchasers in regards to conducting and completing the exchange procedure.

2.3        In the event that the exchange request is approved, Purchasers will be required to deliver the product to the Company at an address, date and time which will be provided to them accordingly upon a request for exchange.

2.4        In the event that the Company is unable to resolve the problem(s) complained of by the Purchaser, the Company undertakes to have it resolved by other means and to have the product returned to the Purchaser. The Company provides that this procedure will require 7-14 working days to complete (subject to variation and extenuating circumstances).

2.5        In the event that the process as described above does not resolve the problem complained of, the Company shall provide Purchasers with a replacement unit of the same product type as purchased by the Purchaser at no additional cost.


  1. Refunds


3.1        The Company reserves all rights and shall retain exclusive discretion as to their refund policy. Any refunds provided shall be at the discretion of the Company and will be conducted in accordance to the terms set out herewith.

3.2        The Company will only undertake to provide refunds, if applicable, for products which are new, unused and which are returned within 14 days.

3.3        Once the Company receives and inspects the product returned, the Company shall notify the Purchaser via email notifying them that the Company has received the returned product.

3.4        Purchasers will be notified of the Company’s approval or rejection of their request for a refund for their returned product.

3.5        In the event that the Purchasers refund request is approved, the Company will undertake to process the refund, in conjunction with the third party payment gateway provider, through which the Purchaser shall have the agreed and applicable sum of refund credited automatically to the Purchaser’s original elected method of payment (i.e. credit or debit card).

3.6        Time as to when refunds will be affected and credit applied is subject to variation and the Company does not undertake that time is to be guaranteed and definite. However, the Company does provide a non-binding indication that refunds should be affected within a period of days.

3.7        In the event that Purchasers perceives that the processing of a refund request which has been approved might be delayed, missing or unaffected, or if there is a cause of concern with regards to the proper processing of a refund request in accordance to the terms set out herewith, Purchasers are requested to first check their relevant bank accounts associated with their elected payment method and to ensure that the refund payment has in fact not been affected.

3.8        Upon confirming that refund payment has not been made within a reasonable amount of time as indicated by the Company, Purchasers are requested to first contact their respective credit or debit card provider. Purchasers are hereby notified that processing times for refund payments to be affected are not entirely within the control and power of the Company and that Purchasers should be aware that further time for refund payments to be affected may be required for relevant third parties to effect payment.

3.9        In the event that Purchasers have not received payment after having inquired with and contacting their respective credit or debit card provider, Purchaser are requested to contact their bank to inquire as to whether the issue/concern with regards to processing the refund payment can be resolved by them. Purchasers are to be aware and should expect that there is often processing time (not within the control of the Company) required before refund is posted.

3.10      In the event that Purchasers has carried out the directions provided herewith in regards to resolving their concerns for delayed, missing or unaffected refund payment, Purchasers can then contact the Company’s Customer Support Services at []


  1. Warranty


4.1        The Company provides specific warranty conditions upon purchase of products via the Website. In addition to below, please see Company’s Warranty.

4.2        In the event that a product is found to have a manufacturing defect within 30 days of the date of purchase made by the Purchaser, the Company undertakes to repair the product unit without charge and to provide a return label also without charge.

4.3        Repairs covered by warranty may be requested within 14 days from the date of purchase under the following conditions: (1) the product sustained damage while in transit during delivery to the Purchaser, with such damage being discovered at the point of delivery/opening of the product packaging and with verification from the Carrier (e.g. Carrier present at the point where damage was discovered); or (2) there is a manufacturing defect (which excludes damage to the product resulting from any act or omission of the Purchaser).

4.4        The Company hereby provides that repairs covered by warranty cannot be requested under, but not limited to, any of the following conditions:

  • Purchasers did not immediately report the damage discovered which was sustained during transit;
  • Purchasers request for repair under warranty is made after 14 days from the date of purchase (date on which the product was received).
  • Purchasers are unable to provide a legal proof-of-purchase or receipts, or that if provided, are found to not genuine (e.g. have been forged or tampered with);
  • Purchaser’s complaint of manufacturing defect is not found after testing carried out by the Company’s technical support services.
  • Cause of complaint is a result of non-manufacturing related causes, which includes: (1) any unauthorised modifications; (2) entry of foreign substances (e.g. water, oil, sand, etc.), or (3) improper installation or operation by the Purchaser;
  • Signs of tampering or alteration can be found on, but not limited to, the products labels, serial numbers, waterproof mark, false proof mark, etc.
  • Damage is found to have been caused by external factors, including but not limited to fire, flood, high wind strength and lightning strike.


  1. Shipping Policy


5.1        The Company provides standard shipping for products purchased that is in-stock. Purchasers are notified to allow for 6-8 business days from the date of dispatch of the product delivery and that processing for delivery and dispatch requires 24-48 hours.

5.2        Unless expressly stated so otherwise, any shipment or delivery that the Company undertakes to provide and that is done so free of charge is applicable solely for the cost of local delivery only. Any alternative method of delivery is provided for only at the sole discretion of the Company and will require specific request and agreement from the Company to be undertaken. Alternative delivery methods are subject to additional costs at the discretion of the Company and it shall be indicated as such at the point of arrangement for delivery between the Company and the Purchaser.

5.3        The Company reserves the rights to carry out delivery and shipment in accordance to their own policies and practices. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of Carriers (e.g. FedEx and/or PosLaju).

5.4        Unless expressly requested for by the Carrier, the Company does not have a policy requiring a signature for delivery to be effected. In the event that the Purchaser is not present at the time and place of delivery at the stated address as provided by the Purchaser, a notice will be left at the stated address providing for directions as to how the Purchaser may retrieve the delivery.

5.5        In the event that the Purchaser requires Customer Support in any matters set out herewith, they are kindly requested to have on hand and to provide the Order Number of their purchase. Additionally, prior to contacting Customer Services for returns, exchange or refunds, Purchasers are requested to kindly have the following information available and at hand to be provided upon request: (1) Purchasers Full Name; (2) Confirmation that the product was purchased from the Website; (3) Email Address used for account registration and purchase; (4) Reason for requesting a return, refund or exchange. (e.g. battery or charging issue, red circle light, wheels out of alignment, not working after crash, sensors not working properly, unit turns off randomly)