Warranty policy

Warranty Policy


General Warranty

  1. The products offered for sale and sold by Azutech Sdn. Bhd. (“Company”) are covered by warranty subject to the terms and conditions set out herewith. The following constitutes the Company’s General Warranty Policy (“Policy”).
  2. The duration of the warranty is conditional to and depends on the product which the Purchaser has purchased and on any additional options as to warranty which the Purchaser may have opted for.
  3. The Policy period of applicability and duration starts from the date of receipt of the product by the Purchaser. Any exceptions to the duration must and will be expressly stated and provided for at the point of purchase.
  4. The Company hereby provides that the Policy does not cover any problem or issue arising through any misuse or accidental damage on the part of the Purchaser.
  5. The Policy set out herewith is only applicable to and covers only the hardware of the product unit purchased. The Company does not undertake to provide warranty on either; (1) any software included as part of the product purchased or; (2) consumable products which may be included as part of the product purchased (e.g. refillables, inks or batteries).
  6. In the event that the product is received by the Purchaser damaged or in a non-functional condition (also known as “Dead on Arrival”) within the first seven days, the Company undertakes to collect the product unit free of charge. After this period, the cost of return for any product shall be borne by and will be liable to the Purchaser.
  7. In circumstances where Purchasers are unable to send the product back to the Company, Purchasers will have the option to opt for the Company’s Collection Services, which provides arrangement for collection by a third party delivery services provider (“Carrier”). If opted for, Purchasers will be required to pay a service charge (i.e. the cost of collection charged by the Carrier). In opting for the Collection Services, it is the Purchasers responsibility to pack safely and prepare the product unit for collection to a condition as closely resembling that of the condition when it was first received by the Purchaser.
  8. The Company shall return to Purchasers product units returned in accordance to the terms set out herewith, free of charge.
  9. In the event that there is an existing manufactures warranty applicable which provides for a resolution of complaint or claim for warranty made by the Purchaser, Purchasers are requested to first undertake to seek to resolve the issue through the services offered by the original manufacturer of the product. In such circumstances, the Company provides that it would assist and/or facilitate the Purchaser’s claim or complaint, at its discretion.
  10. Upon undertaking to resolve Purchaser complaints or claims for warranty, the Company reserves the right to resolve complaints or claims for warranty made by Purchasers in accordance to the Company’s processes and procedures which may vary from time to time and is exercised at the discretion of the Company, pursuant to the terms set out herewith.
  11. The Company reserves its discretion to address and seek to resolve complaints and claims for warranty by Purchasers through various means, which includes but is not limited to, resolution through assistance provided via telephone or by way of remotely accessing Purchasers computers.
  12. Warranty Process – the following is a general guideline as to the timing and steps taken by the Company in resolving Purchaser complaints or claims for warranty, which may vary. The Company undertakes to try and complete the Warranty Process within the estimated time frame provided, but does not provide a guarantee as such and disclaims that the steps and time may vary, depending on circumstances. The number of days taken shall only include Business days.
  • Day 1 – Purchaser sends product unit back to the Company / Purchaser arranges for the Company to collect the product unit;
  • Day 2 – The Company receives the product unit;
  • Day 3 to 14 – The Company processes the product unit for repair (subject to whether or not the product unit is repairable by the Company);
  • Day 15 – The Company to send back repaired product unit or replacement product unit to the Purchaser by way of the Carrier’s services on the next business day applicable;
  • Day 16 (onwards) – Purchaser to receive repaired/replacement product unit (time subject to variation)
  1. Following the process set out herewith, in the event that the Company is unable to resolve the Purchaser’s complaint by repair of faults found, the Company undertakes to replace the product with a unit of the same specification or higher.
  2. In the event that Purchasers encounter problems with or have complaint regarding a product purchased, they should contact the Company as soon as practically possible via email at [support@azutechbrunei.com]


International Warranty

  1. The terms and conditions below applies to the Company’s international warranty policy (“International Policy”) which is applicable to products offered for sale and sold by the Company which the Company have expressly undertaken to provide such international warranty coverage for.
  2. Purchasers of products covered by the International Policy will be eligible for claiming and accessing the International Warranty Service (“IWS”) provided for by the Company in accordance with and to the extent of the terms set out herewith.
  3. The IWS enables Purchasers who have travelled overseas or who have relocated away from the country of origin in and/or from which they have purchased the IWS-eligible product (“Originating Country”), to claim and receive (subject to the terms and conditions set out herewith) warranty service in any country where the same product is sold or serviced.
  4. IWS-eligible products can be serviced by manufactures or resellers authorized to provide and perform warranty services under the terms of warranty as provided for and applicable to the specific product, wherever such specified product is sold or serviced.
  5. The valid period for IWS during which a claim for warranty under the terms of the International Policy as setout herewith can be claimed is the length of period as specified under the terms provided for at the point of purchase in the Originating Country.
  6. The IWS to be provided in each country in which the Purchaser seeks to claim (“Servicing Country”) shall be subject to the following variations:
  7. Method of Service – The method of service offered (e.g. depot, carry-in repair (CCR), on-site repair) and provided for in the Servicing Country may differ from the method of service provided for in the Originating Country and/or by the Company. Purchasers are to exercise due diligence in enquiring as to the particular terms and conditions on which individual service providers undertakes to provide services for a claim of warranty in any given Servicing Country, prior to agreeing to and engaging such services. The Company disclaims any liability for any loss or damage incurred by the Purchaser as a result of not exercising such due diligence, that is not within the scope of the International Policy setout herewith or the terms of the IWS.


  1. The availability of types of services and/or parts required for servicing – availability is subject to the product type and brand purchased. Subject to the Servicing country, service providers may not have the capabilities of servicing all product types. The Company does not guarantee that a solution to a Purchasers claim for warranty will be available and will be subject to the services available in the Servicing Country. In such cases where the Servicing Country does not have the full capacity or capabilities to service a particular product type or model, servicing may be provided on a “best effort” basis (i.e. to the best of the ability of the service providers readily available to the Purchaser at the time and place in which they seek to claim warranty). This is subject to agreement between the service provider and the Purchaser. The Company disclaims any liability for any acts or omissions of the service provider which the Purchaser chooses to engage on such terms.
  2. Service Fees – individual service providers in particular Servicing Countries may charge and require payment of fees which apply at the time of service. Purchasers are to exercise their own diligence and discretion in enquiring on such service fees and/or charges prior to agreeing to and engaging service providers. The Company disclaims any liability for any fees or charges a Purchaser incurs that is not within the scope of the International Policy herewith or under the terms of the IWS.
  3. Restrictions – individual service providers in particular Servicing Countries may have varying restrictions as to the terms and conditions to which they are willing to provide services for claims for warranty under the IWS. Purchasers are to be aware that they will be subject to such restrictions if they are to undertake a claim for warranty according to the particular service provider.
  4. Documentation – individual service providers in particular Servicing Countries may require additional documentation as a condition to undertaking to provide services for a claim of warranty. This might include, but is not limited to proof of purchase and/or proof of proper importation.


  1. In such circumstances where a Purchaser is unable to procure services in the Servicing Country which they are presently in, it is suggested that such Purchasers might seek services in a neighboring country in which the particular product type in question is listed as being available for service under the IWS.
  2. Under the IWS, the only type of warranty upgrade available is an extension of warranty. In such cases where a Purchaser has purchased warranty extension in an Originating Country, and so extends the period of base warranty applicable, the IWS shall remain applicable up until the end of the period provided for under the warranty extension. Warranty extensions have no implications on the method of service and do not act as an upgrade to the type and degree of services offered.
  3. All other warranty upgrades (such as “Accidental Damage Protection” (ADP) or “Keep Your Drive” (KYD)) are not covered under IWS.